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CardLab has issued a card with RFID technology tha..

2016-11-25 04:39:03

Building block 4 - The Fingerprint Sensor


The fourth advanced CardLab technology cornerstone is a fingerprint sensor developed as a Biometric Fingerprint Scanner.  A chip the size of your fingertip reads the card owner’s fingerprint directly by swipe, allowing use only by the legitimate owner. Since the chip operates as a scanner of the owners fingerprints, it makes the card virtually impossible to abuse or copy. 


•Integrated as module attached after lamination

•Proprietary stiffener used

•Makes stiff scanner survive in flexible card

•Can be delivered as OEM module


•Based on Fingerprint Swipe Sensor

•ISO/IEC 19794-2 compliant

•Very low power solution

•Integrated via CardLab module design


•CardLab developed minutia algorithm

•Scalable FAR and FRR

•Processing time < 1 sec.

•Fingerprint enrollment on card

•Stores up to 4 fingerprints

•Fingerprint authentication on card

•Ultra low power algorithm