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PRESS RELEASE 29th September 6:00 am CET

Fingerprints™ new unique sensor in CardLab cards.

The increasing card fraud and fear of identity theft has given CardLab ApS. an increasing demand for biometric card solutions from banks and public authorities and CardLab is now pleased to announce that we will be using Fingerprints™ latest T-Shape™ module in our biometric card reference design.

CardLab was in February 2017 granted support from the EU Commission under the Horizon 2020 program, with the scope to embed a fingerprint sensor solution in all card types to enhance security for E-banking, E-commerce, E-government, payment, access and ID card solutions. The card solutions CardLab has prepared under this program are compliant with the new data protection regulations and do fully protect the personal identity as biometric data are stored in the card only and not in databases. Such solution does require use of reliable high security sensors and Cardlab has therefore decided to continue the use of technology and sensors from Fingerprints™ for this project, as they over the years have proven to be second to none in consistency, power consumption and reliability. 

“We are pleased to work with Fingerprints™ as they have been very perceptive to CardLab input in their work towards developing a sensor that can be easily embedded in volume production. It has been a very fruitful journey in where we have found Fingerprint very dedicated to their work and at the same time very receptive to CardLab’s requirements and the experiences acquired over more than a decade working with ultrathin electronics inside ID-1 standard cards. Fingerprints™ new unique T-Shape™ sensor and CardLab experience and knowhow in designing Powered Cards is a perfect combination and will benefit not just CardLab but the Card sector in general now being able to integrate another layer of security in volume production” said Frank Sandelöv, CEO Cardlab Aps

CardLab has since 2006 used Fingerprints™ sensors for card solutions and the knowhow derived from this work creating a CardLab FPC1080A module design has contributed in making a sustainable fingerprint sensor module design, possible to embed using standard card industry embedding equipment. Cardlab are therefore pleased to see that the T-Shape™ sensor is adapted to this process. These products make it possible for any card manufacturer to embed the module that is designed to withstand the rough test criteria valid for payment cards. It can as a standard solution be connected to the thin flexible electronic inlay in the card and thereby make any card solution a fully biometrically secured card.

 “That CardLab has chosen to use our T-Shape™ module in their reference design is an evidence that the T-Shape™ sensor fits the market requirements and we are pleased to work together. This is a proof of our efforts meeting not only the demands of production processes but also demands in terms of security and ease of use.” Said Thomas Rex SVP Business Line Smart Cards at Fingerprints

CardLab has for years designed and manufactured ultrathin, flexible electronic inlay as an integrated part of electronic payment cards, access cards and ID cards. Any customer wanting to use the Fingerprints™ sensor solution in ISO 7810 standard cards may acquire support from CardLab on card & inlay design, inlay manufacturing, card lamination and support on embedding processes of the fingerprint sensor or any other embedded elements.

About CardLab

CardLab is a world leading technology provider to the powered smart card industry and is a company developing and commercializing ISO 7810 compliant secure card products including:

  • Full “System on Card” biometric authentication based on Fingerprints™ FPC1080A swipe scanner and FPC1321 T-Shape™ touch sensor, 
  • tokenized dual track dynamic magstripe cards, 
  • communication controlled RFID cards (Jammer & MuteCards), 
  • “All In One” card solution platform and other card solutions customized to customer specifications. adapted to three key areas; payment, access control and ID cards. 

CardLab has a strong development and customization team in Copenhagen, Denmark, manufacturing partners in China and Thailand, own dynamic magstripe factory in China and card lamination factory just opened in Thailand. In collaboration with industry leading partners and suppliers, has CardLab developed sustainable electronic card systems and production methods and do today offer unparalleled technical design and manufacturing support for card developers, manufacturers and processors with card solutions including scalable security levels and cards that work in the existing infrastructure making implementation cost affordable for end users. For more information, please visit www.cardlab.com

About Fingerprint Cards AB (publ)

Fingerprint Cards AB, Fingerprints, with its Swedish roots, is the leading global biometrics company, whose mission is to spearhead the development of biometric interaction that facilitates the convenience and integrity of the individual. Its value is proven daily by users in millions of devices, through billions of touches, who are their own key – quite simply, with a human touch. Fingerprints develops biometric systems comprising sensors, algorithms, software and packaging technologies. The success is based on product development at the cutting edge of technology, which results in world-leading products in terms of security, convenience and performance. The current product range consists largely of fingerprint sensors and customers are primarily manufacturers of smartphones and tablets, where the company is market leading. As the use of biometric solutions increases, Fingerprints is working to broaden its offering by using different biometric techniques, or modalities, and to identify other market segments where the solutions can be used, such as smart cards, PCs, automotive and online devices (IoT). The Fingerprints share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (FING B). The company has shown strong growth and sales totaled SEK 6,638 M in 2016, with an operating margin of 39 percent. Most of the more than 500 employees work in Sweden, but the company has offices worldwide, from Shanghai to Silicon Valley.

For further information, please contact:

Frank Sandeløv


Hørkær 14, 1.
DK - 2730 Herlev
Web: www.cardlab.com
Tel.:  +45 31 55 49 94
Cell.: +45 20 32 66 80
Mail: fs@cardlab.com

CardLab Newsletter 10th September 2017 

CardLab first delivery from Thailand factory 

CardLab is today proud to announce that the fulfilment of an order of 1.6 million card prelams to an undisclosed APAC customer has been completed with a very high yield rate.

This delivery marks an important milestone in CardLab history and confirms the newly established factory now is ready to take on larger production volumes on a constant basis.

The factory has been established to facilitate the increasing demand for lamination of cards containing very complex electronic circuits and with the completed production the whole quality system of the factory has been tested and found up to the expected standard. It is therefore natural that the factory now continues to laminate more and more complex CardLab card designs to reach a capacity of 1 million complex cards per months within the next 3 months.

At the same time are further production orders being negotiated and the next special production of a 10,000 batch of cards has started and an additional order for more than 3 million cards to be delivered within the next 9 months is under negotiation. So even the primary task of the factory is to deliver also small batches of complex cards at a high quality to CardLab we now see other customers becoming aware of having the possibility to have complex cards laminated or delivered as prelams at high quality and high production yield.

By establishing the factory CardLab has now reached a point where we are becoming independent of partner factories and can start to ramp up production of complex card solutions to our customers. It also means we are happy to announce that excess production capacity can be offered customers on ad hoc basis as well as card development and supply of prelams to other card manufacturers.

CardLab Newsletter 17th February 2017

CardLab acquires Stratos Connected Card Platform.

CardLab Innovation ApS is pleased to announce that it recently acquired the Stratos Connected Card Platform. 

CardLab is a Danish, world-leading technology provider of microelectronics to the powered card industry. CardLab worked closely with Stratos between 2012 and 2015 to develop and mass-produce the Stratos Connected Card - the world’s first and most advanced card-based payment solution.  

CardLab has firsthand knowledge of the challenges Stratos and its competitors faced as early entrants into a dynamic and competitive payments landscape. Nevertheless, CardLab sees a bright future for the Connected Card. "The Connected Card brings together the best of mobile payment with the convenience, broad acceptance and brand related advantages of a physical card," said Frank Sandeløv, CEO CardLab.

CardLab plans to roll out a White Label Connected Card program in Q3, 2017. According to Aaron Williams, AVP of Information Technology at Commonwealth National Bank (CNB), “Mobile payment has not lived up to its promise. We feel the Connected Card offers CNB a powerful opportunity to increase brand awareness and build inroads with millennial customers.”

In addition, CardLab will be exploring avenues to resume Stratos’ popular membership program in the US and internationally. Updates related to the membership program will be posted at CardLabCards.com.

For More Information Contact:

  • Frank Sandeløv, CEO CardLab
  • Email: fs@cardlab.com
  • Phone: +45 20326680


Fingerprint AB to put more emphasis on Smart Cards with its biometric solutions

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Fingerprints Smart Cards


CardLab Newsletter January 7, 2016

CardLab to produce solution to growing international concern with ample credit card abuse

CardLab, a smaller high-tech company backed by several large investor groups, just launched a new and highly secure credit card. The new technology embedded in the card is also usable with passports and other documents holding personal information vulnerable to criminal infringement. 

The new card makes a sophisticated answer to growing international concern with huge increases in cyber crimes such as credit card fraud and ID theft. Within these areas of criminal activity, it has become increasingly easy and cheap for perpetrators to compromise safety and access personal information from millions of people across the globe, causing not only invasion of privacy but also huge financial losses.

Developed in cooperation with the Danish IT-firm, Quardlock, CardLab has already signed contracts for future delivery of the new smart card to financial institutions in Houston, London and Dubai.

Being a so called smart card, this new invention in credit cards uses biometric one time passwords, a brand new and patented technology. The card will only work after first having read and verified the fingerprint of the card owner. Shown in a miniature display, the card then generates encrypted one time passwords for each transaction; thus creating a unique and unprecedented level of card security. 

This double safety feature will put a halt to the vast abuse of CVC-codes (the three digit number shown on the back of all financial cards), since it is only the rightful owner of the card who can activate and make use of the card. At the same time, the cards’ patented password technology, called OTP, is designed to be used with existing readers and terminals, making it a true alternative to today’s credit cards. Present card technology has proven easy to copy and steal and the OTP card delivers a realistic, and at the same time convenient answer.  

The OTP card works in connection with specialized backbone servers, designed to recognize each card and its unique one time passwords only in combination with the card holders’ fingerprint. Since the card offers no display of personal information, this CardLab technology poses no value to criminals, whatsoever.

The development and future additional market launch is supported by “Markedsmodningsfonden” (a Danish public funding agency) and presents a viable solution to the vast rise in criminal abuse of credit cards and passports, as well as problems with secure access control, e-government and ID theft. All of these problems, causing financial losses in the billions, can be solved without having to change the infrastructure behind present card systems.

  • Within the past years, several large companies, such as Home Depot, Target and Apples’ I-cloud have been targeted by hackers; resulting in millions of thefts of personal information, CardLab CEO Frank Sandeløv said Thursday.
  • All of this information has become so inexpensive and easily accessible for even the rather unskilled hacker, that we now experience an alarming need for more secure card systems, he added.

For more information on the new biometric reader card; the OTP card, please contact CardLab CEO, Frank Sandeløv, phone +45 3155 4994 or send an email to fs@cardlab.com